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Aspire Cleito Mesh Coil

Aspire Cleito Mesh Coil


The Aspire Cleito revolutionised vaping by making the chimney of tank into a coil, maximising surface area exposure to e-liquid to ensure unparalleled vapour and flavour. This latest reiteration advances the design still further with the addition of mesh coils.

Also available in 0.5 ohm coils (non-mesh version).

Mesh Coils

Mesh coils have a much larger surface areas than traditional coil types. This allows them to heat up faster, even when used at lower wattages. The heat is more evenly spread out, which leads to a more intense flavour and large clouds of vapour.

Usage Tips

Coming in at 0.15 ohms, these coils are sub ohm (less than one ohm). As with all sub ohm coils, it’s particularly important to prime these coils before usage.

Before using, drip e-liquid into the portholes on the outside of the coil and down the center of the coils. After filling the tank for the first time, leave for 10 minutes to allow the e-liquid to soak in. This avoids burning the coil and ensures maximum life for the coils.

For more advice, see Seven Easy Ways to Stop Your Coil From Burning Out.

Wattage Guideline

60-75 Watt recommended power settings


The Aspire Mesh Coils are compatible with the Aspire Cleito, Aspire Cleito Exo & Aspire Cleito Pro.

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