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Vaporesso refillable vape pods.


Refillable vape pods provide a versatile and cost-effective way to enjoy vaping. You can enjoy endless flavour possibilities and customise your nicotine strength by refilling the pod with your favourite e-liquid. Shop refillable  XROS pods, today and experience the freedom of personalised vaping.

Vaporesso Coils


Vaporesso are leading the way in new coil technology. Their CCell Coils are based around a revolutionary porous ceramic wick that will give you a cleaner flavour and they’re highly resistant to burning. Providing better performance than standard coils, these coils are compatible with a range of both Vaporesso tanks and other manufacturers tanks too. All manufactured to high tolerances and a consistent quality to produce an accurate flavour from your e-liquid every time you replace them. Available in different resistances, wire and wicking types for all power levels and preferences. With a lot of options available from Vaporesso please contact us if you are unsure which coils you need. 

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