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What is an Elf Bar disposable?

ELF Bar are best known for their disposable vape kits including the ELF Bar 600 and CR500. They are stylish, lightweight, and pocket friendly devices that offer the user a finite amount of puffs. Particularly desirable among new vapers who have recently switched from cigarettes to vaping due to their low maintenance and ease of use.

How many puffs do they provide?

The ELF Bar 600 uses a 550mAH internal battery, and as the name suggests grants the user with approximately 600 puffs per bar and are the equivalent of 40 cigarettes.

What flavours are available?

Their devices come in a wide variety of premium flavours to suit all tastes. The ELF Bar 600 is available at Nxt gen vapours in  a choice of over 20 premium vape liquid flavours with each device colour coded according to the flavour, whilst the CR500 comes in 10 flavour varieties. The best elf bar flavours among our customers include Blue Razz Lemonade, Blueberry and Pink lemonade.

Elf bar 500

What nicotine levels are they?

ELF Bars sold in the UK must meet TPD regulations and are therefore limited to a 20mg nicotine level. Utilising a salt based nicotine which has been designed to meet nicotine cravings much quicker than traditional freebase, whilst also providing a smooth throat hit.

Who are they recommended for?

ELF Bar disposables are an excellent option for any smoker who wants to quit smoking. Due to their relatively low cost, they allow new vapers to try vaping at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a more advanced device

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