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ELF LiQ Kiwi Passion fruit Guava

ELF LiQ Kiwi Passion fruit Guava


Elf Liq salts 4 for £11.00

ELF LIQ is the official range of nic salts by Elf Bar. ELF LIQ offers 21 best-selling flavours available on launch in both 10mg and 20mg strengths, all been fully tested and made compliant to meet the TPD laws in the UK.

Whether you're are an avid Elf Bar user now is your chance to upgrade to our popular vape kit like the Vaporesso xros mini and it will save a fortune by vaping 10ml bottles not 2ml disposables.


Is ELF LIQ really the official e-liquid by Elf Bar?

Yes, ELF LIQ e-liquids are made by Elf Bar and contain the exact same flavours as Elf Bar Disposable vapes.

What Strength are ELF LIQ nic salts?

ELF LIQ is available in 1% (10mg) and 2% (20mg) however 5% (5mg) and 0% (0mg) are on the horizon and should be coming soon.

How long will a bottle of ELF LIQ last?

This is a difficult question to answer as it depends on how many times you vape. However, a 600 puff disposable contains no more than 2ml of e-liquid so these 10ml ELF LIQ bottles should be equivalent to 5 elf bars or 3-3500 puffs

  • Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava nic salt e-liquid by Elf Bar Elfliq is a complex medley of fruity flavours. The passion fruit and guava deliver an overall sweet note, sharpened by tangy kiwi.

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